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The bread and butter of any true Japanese restaurant is its sushi bar, and Teresa’s Osaka Asian Bistro has truly knocked it out of the park with its incredible sushi bar. Our sushi was voted the best in Ocean County, so you can bet on finding nothing better in all of Tom’s River, NJ! We have hired professional, highly trained sushi chefs in order to guarantee that our sushi bar is unrivaled in all of the east coast.

The world of sushi is a perfect picture of what makes food truly wonderful: the ability to work with tradition to create unique, bold new creations. Teresa’s Osaka Asian Bistro offers an expansive selection of classic sushi rolls, as well as never-seen-before rolls straight from the minds of our sushi chefs. With each flavor-packed bite, you will find joy in the fact that this sushi is made right before your eyes at our sushi bar so you can see how we do it. Your taste buds won’t believe you, but your eyes won’t deceive you!

We have crafted incredible sushi seen nowhere else. We have items such as our live scallop sashimi, which is nestled in a shell surrounded by a vibrant fan of cucumber and lemon slices and circled by a house sauce that accents the flavor and the plate. If you are looking for a true adventure both on the plate and in your mouth, then our sushi bar is the best place to see the adventure come to life.

Our world-class chefs work tirelessly to recreate the flavor and aesthetic of traditional Japanese sushi, all the while topping it off with modern, global touches that you simply won’t see coming no matter how close you’re sitting! If you want a truly wonderful and surprising experience, then come in today and have a seat near our sushi bar!

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