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Designed for diners who want it all, and for those who love traditional and modern, our Asian fusion menu offerings will excite and impress! Whether you’re looking for an American take on a Japanese classic, or a modern twist on simple, traditional fare, our Asian fusion menu can satisfy you unlike anything else in Tom’s River, NJ. The chefs here are trained in a wide array of cuisine and can craft a large selection of one-of-a-kind dishes.

Our menu is peppered with various Asian fusion dishes, from appetizers, to sushi, to vegetarian, to meaty entrees and desserts. No matter where you’re looking for some flare, we have options. Even when you’re at your most indecisive, our friendly and experienced servers have a deep love and respect for the food we serve, and can help you find the perfect dish or drink pairing.

We have a fusion item for every part of our menu, so if you want to delve right into the complex and flavorful world of Asian fusion, you can try it all! Our items include:

• Seafood Lemongrass Coconut Soup—Soup with shrimps and scallions with Asian vegetables.
• Cucumber Asparagus Salad—A fresh, cool salad with a little snap.
• Japanese Pizza—Features assorted sliced fish atop a scallion pancake topped with a house sauce.
• Sauteed Softshell Crab—Combines Asian and Italian fare in an amazing hot appetizer.
• Tuna Tacos—These bite-sized powerhouses combine eastern flavor with southern attitude.
• Scallop w/ Cilantro Yogurt—A delicate balance of fresh, light, and flavorful in this seafood appetizer.

We offer so many unique Asian fusion items that you’d have to come back to get a taste for all of it. In addition to our already sizeable selection of exclusive items, we also keep a dynamic and ever-changing slew of menu specials to ensure that no two dining experiences are ever the same here. With all of the variety and flavor we offer, you just have to taste it to believe it, so come in and take a bite today!

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