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Independently owned and operated, with 30 years in the service business, Teresa’s Osaka Asian Bistro knows how to make every diner full and happy. From “foodies” to fellow restaurateurs, everyone that leaves our tables ends up coming back for seconds! What makes us different from any other place in Tom’s River, NJ is that we serve the best food but also offer unforgettable experiences.

Teresa’s Osaka Asian Bistro specializes in unique, food-and-culture enriched events that you can only find in our restaurant. We have wine and cigar-tasting sessions, and offer banquets. We even bring the banquet to you with our incredible catering services! While we do not sell liquor at these events, we encourage our participants to bring their own and make each experience their own celebration of sorts.

Any occasion can be made perfect at our bistro. We custom make menus for each occasion, from Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day, you can always count on our expert chefs to create a flavorful experience that adds even more happiness at any holiday! If you’re looking to impress someone on a special day, or looking to make any day special, then we will help you do just that from your first, eye opening bite.

If you are interested in any of our unique events, or want to have instant access to our special menus, then keep in touch with us on our social media pages!

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Teresa's Osaka Asian Bristo

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